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Many of you have been waiting for this update! So I found a natural mask that made my skin baby smooth. Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mixed with organic apple cider vinegar. This has been a godsend for my acne prone skin! It loves this natural pairing. You can pick up the clay for $6/tub at most health food stores. It is amazing! I washed it off and could actually see a huge improvement instantly with one use. It reduces the size of pores, blemishes, blackheads, evens skin tone, and literally leaves your skin glowing! I am only wearing a foundation here and I usually always finish with powder- which I didn’t need to do!

I would recommend doing this maybe twice weekly because it is quite strong. After rinsed skin stays red for about 30 mins due to the intensity of the impurities that are being pulled away.
This was taken about an hour after so you can see the redness completely disappeared.

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– Mix & apply with an old makeup brush (or new for this purpose) I purchased a new foam makeup brush specifically for this application. Always clean your brush after use and try not to use it for any other purpose. (Do not ever use metal- read the label:D)
– Mix enough into the lid (or another bowl) and mix until consistency is mousse like.
– Spread evenly across entire face. (Avoid all around eye area) This mask gets very tight and can be uncomfortable if it dries pulling your eyes open;)
– You will begin to feel tingly sensation – this is normal – it’s working it’s magic.
– I allowed mine to dry/set (about 30 minutes) and rinsed with warm water.
– Your face will remain red for about 30 minutes due to the intensity of impurities being pulled from the skin.
– Depending on your skin type you may want to use a light moisturizer afterwards as the mask can be quite drying. If you have oily/combo skin you may not. I didn’t seem to need to.

After the second use it just keeps getting better! Remaining gunk/blackheads will surface and be easy to remove. Also my pores have vanished! My skin is healthier than ever and is glowing!

You can purchase the items above at Sprouts or many other health food stores. Give it a go and leave a comment/review here for others!

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We had the pleasure of being able to do all of the make up & hair for Chantel & Spencer’s beautiful wedding. Take a peek!



Jennifer Rice Photography –


Prescott Lakes – Prescott, Arizona

Make Up & Hair

On Location – Jenne Anne Make Up Artistry & Hair –

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Katie & Bryan were an absolute blast to design for! Both of them were die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans- so they wanted to implement that and those colors into their monogram and design with everything still having an elegant feel! This is what we came up with. They branded their monogram on save the dates- to their dance floor light! They also had custom napkins made for their candy bar.



All custom design by: Jenne Anne

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Professional Make Up & Hair On-Location – Available On-Location Nationwide

We would love to be considered lending our helping hands on your big day!

Jenne Anne specializes in a unique, personal approach with an artistic eye. We achieve breathable, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic make up applications that capture and enhance your natural beauty!

Here are some reasons hiring a Professional for make up & hair is crucial on your wedding day for completing “The Look”:

  1. A true professional is driven by an artistic “eye” and is knowledgable of what colors are flattering between different skin tones, eye colors, and what hair will accentuate your face shape.
  2. A fair amount of brides typically don’t wear makeup often. A professional can help ease any anxiety or stress you may encounter attempting to do your own makeup, or having someone rushing to help you get ready when you should be completely relaxed before your big moment!
  3. A Trial Run is often performed prior to the wedding day with your Artist to go over any ideas you may have and complete “The Look” beforehand.
  4.  LONG-WEAR. This is substantial! Whether it be hair or make up, there are often hours and hours between photographs and the reception end. We take pride in the fact our makeup is non-comedogenic yet will last if you dance the night away!
  5.  Photo-Ready. This is a technique most women are not typically prepared for. Your day-to-day makeup is most likely not suitable for photographs and may leave you looking dull. A professional knows the techniques and product that will accent your features and leave you glowing!
  6.  Bridal Party. Your girls will be photographed next to you, and be with you most of the night. You will want everyone to be in sequence looking best alongside you as well as in your photographs!

Most of the time, group discounts are offered and the bride’s services are free!
There should be no reason everyone doesn’t look great together!

Please feel free to view our extensive portfolio at Take the next step when you’re ready and complete the required information here to receive your “Bridal Bundle” packet which contains all information, pricing and tips & tricks!

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  • Rachel Levey - Hello,

    I am having a wedding on May 30, 2015 and am inquiring about your availability and pricing for bridal hair and makeup. Please send over any information that may be helpful. Thank you!